It was roughly 2 years ago when we set up shop on the corner of Edgewood + Boulevard, with high hopes for this raw beauty of an avenue. Here we are 2 years and many long, lovely nights hence, and our corner has truly grown up.

So.. We celebrate. But how?

Well, first we’ll need something to drink. Check. Cocktail specials will be flowing copiously all night long. Next, we’ll need a feast. Check. We’ll be serving delectable delicacies late into the evening. Now, how about some music?


Jazzanova will be gracing us with their rarified presence, delivering all that eclectic goodness that has become their signature. If you need an introduction, or even a refresher, you need look no further.

A limited quantity of pre-release tickets are available here. Get in!¬†Thanks to all of you for making out first couple of years such a distinct pleasure. We’ll see you on the corner.