Party, anyone?

Looking for a place to celebrate with 40 or so of your closest friends? Or perhaps you’ve been charged with the task of booking dinner for a crew of your colleagues? ┬áRelax.. We can help.

With a number of flexible options, our award-winning bar, kitchen and music programs are at your service. We can tailor your event to suit perfectly your needs and expectations. Feel free to contact us for more details and pricing information.

Let’s party.



Stepping into Tomorrow

We want to thank you for making 2011 an exceptional year for us here at the Sound Table. We’ve enjoyed keeping your appetites sated, and your feet moving. Your support has been overwhelming, and has brought us numerous accolades including Atlanta Magazine’s 50 Best Restaurants and Food and Wine’s 50 Best Bars in America. Moving into 2012, we’re looking forward to developing our latest creative endeavor Space2, and continuing to hone our food, bar and music programs at ST.

We bid a warm farewell to 2011, and we look forward to sharing 2012 with you all.